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[Request Update] Gunfire Reborn - Build 20240515 (14370208)

bởi Hải

17 May 2024



Nhờ ad update dùm em game này ạ, tks ad

Update Notes - 5/15

How is it going, folks? Here is an update for some in-game issues fixes. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!
——Gunfire Studio

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the block between two rooms was not removed after defeating all enemies
  • Fixed the issue where after having all kinds of [Almighty Core], players can not automatically recycle [Almighty Core] via picking them up in [Boundless Dream] and [Endless Journey]
  • Fixed the issue where the slot of [Almighty Core] would be automatically equipped when discarding [Almighty Core]
  • Fixed the issue where [Matrix] might cause improper skill effect of [Lightning Blast]
  • Fixed the issue where the effect performance of [Dimension Portal] when summoning enemies was improper
  • Fixed the issue where the 30% copper would not be returned immediately after consuming in single-player mode when having [Premium Membership]
  • Fixed the issue where [Nona]'s weapon-holding action was lost under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the issue where the dropping place of ammo was improper when destroying weak points of [Gluttony] under certain circumstances

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