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[Request Update] Gunfire Reborn - Build 20240314 (13733795)

31 March 2024



Nhờ Ad update giúp con game này, thank ad <3

Update Notes - 3/14

What's up folks!

2024 Roadmap

In this update, we have 2024 roadmap on start page right now!

[Request Update] Gunfire Reborn

Currently, we are working on Season 2&3, and new paid DLC content. Gonna bring everybody an excellent experience in the upcoming updates!

Next Update When?

We will launch Season 2 after about 5-8 weeks and it will bring brand new seasonal gameplay and rewards!

Don't worry if you haven't claimed all the rewards from Season 1. We are going to introduce [Season Store] where it allows you to claim the past seasonal rewards by consuming Soul Essence in Season 2. At that time, there will be an entrance for everyone to revisit past season gameplay.

Special Offer for Spril Sale

The base game and dlc will start a limited-time discount from March 15th to 22nd! Thanks for your concern and support!