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[Request Game] HunterX

bởi Jonathan Lee

21 November 2022



"On the night of the deep purple moon,

a girl who appears to be an ordinary teenager goes out for another devil hunt.

While chasing her prey, she comes across a [email protected] that leads to another world,

and the adventure of her destiny begins."

HunterX is an action-adventure game full of spirited battles.

Use various styles of weapons and magic to experience your own fighting style

and explore a great world.

[Request Game] HunterX

Explore and make your own route through a large, organically connected world!
Your teammates are waiting for you in a world of riddles and terrible devils.
[Request Game] HunterX
Create your own personal fighting style with combos, dodging, guarding, parrying, and more!
Help your character grow in your own way with parameter-based growth and a skill board!
[Request Game] HunterX
Figure out your opponent's unique characteristics and conquer devils and bosses!
Over 170 types of items to collect, including different kinds of weapons,
the forbidden Occult magic, and more.

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