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chuyển save của palword từ cr@ck sang bản quyền

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24 January 2024



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cho mình hỏi mình mua game rồi thì làm sao để cop file save vào trong game bản quyền ạ bạn mình là chủ sever ạ 

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  • Make sure your game is closed.

    Go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Pal\Saved\SaveGames

    There will be a folder with many digits, I believe this is your steamID. Click on this folder

    Now Identify which folder matches the save you want to restore (you can do this by setting the windows explorer in detail view and taking a look at the modified times).

    Lets say you identify the folder named: "B1583AC131598E69919F49DDABE50123" as your world.

    OPTIONAL: I recommend copying the folder and saving it somewhere else as a backup just in case you make a mistake that way you will always have your originals saved somewhere as an additional backup....

    Click on the folder "B1583AC131598E69919F49DDABE50123".

    Now you should be able to see some folders ("backup" and "Players") and some files (level.sav, LevelMeta.sav, LocalData.sav,WorldOption.sav)

    Click in the "backup" folder.

    Inside backup you will see 2 folders ("local" and "world")

    Go inside "local" folder

    Identify the last modified time you want to restore (folder names in here are YEAR.MONTH.DAY-HOUR-MINUTE-SECONDS) I recommend not doing the latest but maybe a couple minutes behind of your last backup if possible. Going inside the folder you selected.

    Now you should see file "LocalData.sav" -> Copy the localData.sav file and go back up to the original folder of: "B1583AC131598E69919F49DDABE50123"

    Paste the file and click on "Replace the file in the destination"

    Now from "B1583AC131598E69919F49DDABE50123" we will click on "backup" folder again

    This time you will click on "world" folder instead of "local"

    Identify the folder that matches the same time from your previously selected folder in the "local" folder. Go inside the folder.

    Inside the folder you will see a "Players" folder and 2 files ("Levels.sav" and "LevelMeta.sav")

    Copy the folder and both of the files. ("Players" , "Levels.sav" and "LevelMeta.sav")

    Go back up to your original folder "B1583AC131598E69919F49DDABE50123"

    Paste the files you just copied and click on "Replace the file in the destination"

    Don't worry about worldOptions.sav this file is the world settings and doesn't get backed up.

    Go to steam, launch game. Steam cloud save might give you a warning click on "play anyways"

    Click on start game, review that your server is visible now and the "saved date" matches the back up you selected.

    Load in the game.

    If the game forces you to create a character it means you didn't override the files correctly and there is a mismatch and you might need to repeat this process.

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  • C:\Users\{tên máy của ông}\AppData\Local\Pal\Saved\SaveGames copy file trong đó quăng vào xem đc không bạn

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