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01 May 2024




Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition-

A one-route standalone expansion for the fan-favorite visual novel Mashiroiro Symphony. The main character's classmate Sana finally takes the spotlight with a new story and new CGs by artist Tsubasu Izumi!


Sana Inui is a young lady who can’t admit her feelings.

Luckily, she doesn’t have to at Yuihime Girls Private Academy, the place where she spends fun-filled days with her precious friends and the senior she loves.
Or at least, that’s how things have always been...

Now, her comfy and prestigious school is being merged with the boys’ school from the upstart side of town! Shoved into a combined class to trial the new system, she finds her world changing faster than she can keep up—and one of her new classmates makes her heart beat faster too. Quicker and quicker, the changes pile up, altering the landscape of her life like a sudden snowfall...

A new love story is about to begin.


Art: Tsubasu Izumi
Original Scenario: Music Box
Added Scenario/Common Route: Kei Hozumi (Sads LLC)
Chibi Character Art: Nagomi Tozakura
Created by: Palette


Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition-
Sana Inui
Voice: Misono Moriya
Sana looks up to Miu—a senior one year ahead of her—and dreams of becoming a cute girl just like her.
She’s energetic, good-natured, and kind to everyone she meets... unless you’re a boy; then her emotions might flip on a dime, making her liable to tear you a new one.
You're joining a merged class with her this semester, and uh-oh. Guess what you are?

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    • OS: Windows 10/11
    • Processor: Intel Core i series (excluding Low Voltage versions)

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